"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children." -- Sitting Bull
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Science-based Prevention

Often, communities have programs that they believe work, though there is seldom any local data to support those beliefs (and for perfectly valid reasons). To make matters more complicated, there is little ready access to scientific research articles for the layperson.On the other hand researchers work to identify principles, practices, policy, and programs that meet scientific rigor, yet they too, are isolated from the communities where the actual practice of prevention is being implemented.

Logic Model

CSAP's Southwest CAPT supports and encourages the exchange of knowledge between researchers and practitioners in substance abuse prevention. We subscribe to a Logic Model that is inclusive of the entire community through advancing local community coalitions (teams). These local coalitions have the greatest opportunity to achieve successful, sustainable, and positive change in community norms around substance abuse. Their success lies in working the process of prevention and incorporating promising and effective Principles, Practices, Policy, and Programs.

The Logic Model is a simple formula that helps groups to . . .
  • thoroughly consider current and future behaviors and condition
  • examine underlying conditions and attributes that contribute to the behavior
  • examine scientifically supported principles, practices, policies, and programs to determine fit with the identified behaviors and conditions in the community
  • develop goals, objectives, strategies and evaluation measures within the context of a practical, sensible structure

Somewhere in between research and practice - it all comes together. It is not that one is more important than the other - it is important for both to be as closely interwoven as possible. In this way, communities can create and document actions taken toward reducing substance abuse, thereby, allowing for small, intentional course corrections along the way and to be more certain that the actions taken are creating the desired results. As a bonus, the documentation serves to provide others (including researchers) with data to identify successful prevention, principles, practices, policy, and programs.

The CSAP's Southwest CAPT has explored a number of practical prevention implementation tools to help groups integrate science with local prevention efforts. Practitioners have praised the Logic Model for its simplicity and adaptability.



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