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State Liaison: Karen Abrams
Office of Mental Health,
Susbstance Abuse & Addiction Services
Nebraska Department of Health &
Human Services

P.O. Box 98925
Lincoln, NE 68509-8925
Tel: 402-479-5189
Fax: 402-479-5162
Email: karen.abrams@hhss.state.ne.us


Job Opening

Seeking Nebraska SICA Grant Manager to manage the activities of the State Incentive Cooperative Agreement (SICA). Job description.



Helpful hints for navigating Nebraska's Substance Abuse Prevention system

  • State Incentive Cooperative Agreement; National Prevention Network; Single State Agency; Governor's Representative; Governor's Safe and Drug Free Schools; or SYNAR, contact Laurie Sutter
  • Southwest CAPT technical assistance, contact Karen Abrams
  • Safe and Drug Free Schools, contact Karen Stevens
  • Tobacco programs, contact Judy Martin
  • Highway safety and alcohol education, contact Fred Zwonechek
Single State Agency Information:
Office of Mental Health, Susbstance Abuse & Addiction Services
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Laurie Sutter, Prevention Program Manager
P.O. Box 98925
Lincoln, NE 68509-8925
Tel: 402-479-5573
Fax: 402-479-5162
Email: laurie.sutter@hhss.state.ne.us
Department of Education
Department of Education
Safe and Drug-Free Schools & Communities Program
Karen Stevens, Project Director
Tel: 402-471-2448
Fax: 402-471-8127
Email: Kstevens@ndc.state.ne.us
Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
Monica Miles, Grant Administrator for Juvenile Services
Tel: 402-471-3998
Email: mmiles@crimecom.state.ne.us
Office of Preventive and Community Health:
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Romeo Guerra, Deputy Director
Tel: 402-471-6038
Email: romeo.guerra@hhss.state.ne.us
Tobacco Free Nebraska
Judy Martin, Program Administrator
Tel: 402-471-3489
Email: Judy.martin@hhss.state.ne.us
Nebraska Office of Highway Safety
Department of Motor Vehicles

Fred Zwonechek, Highway Safety Administrator
Tel: 402-471-2515
Fax: 402-471-3865
Email: fredz@mail.state.ne.us
U.S. Attorney's Office
Joseph Jeanette, Law Enforcement and Community Coordination Manager
Tel: 402-661-3700
Email: joe.jeanette@usdoj.gov

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