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State Liaison: Julie Stevens
P.O. Box 80529
Austin, TX 78708-0529
(800) 832-9623, ext. 6634
(512) 349-6634
(512) 837-5938 fax
Email: Julie.Stevens@tcada.state.tx.us

The 2003 Texas State Conference on Tobacco
July 27-30, 2003 ~ Woodlands, Texas
Presented by: The Center for Safe Communities & Schools and The Texas Department of Health, Office of Tobacco Prevention & Control

Deep in the Heart of Prevention:
Collaboration for Accountability and Effectiveness

The U.S. Department of Education’s
17th Annual National Meeting on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention in Higher Education

October 16 - 19, 2003

Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training (SAPST) - Covers the fundamental knowledge base for substance abuse prevention professionals. Click here for dates, locations, and more information.

Single State Agency Information:
Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse

P.O. Box 80529
Austin, TX 78708-0529
(800) 832-9623; (512) 349-6600
Dr. Dave Wanser, Executive Director
Email: Dave.Wanser@tcada.state.tx.us
Joe Wiese, Director of Prevention
Email: joe.wiese@tcada.state.tx.us
State RADAR Network Site and Information Clearinghouse
Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse
Mimi McKay, Director
P.O. Box 80529
Austin, TX 78708-0529
(800) 832-9623, ext. 6642; (512) 349-6642
Email: mimi.mckay@tcada.state.tx.us
TCADA - Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
9001 N. IH 35, Suite 105
Mail: P.O. Box 80529
Austin, TX 78708
(800) 832-9623
Texas Youth Commission
Director of Prevention: Dr. Tracy Levins
P.O. Box 4260
Austin, TX. 78765
Phone: 512-424-6033
Fax: 512-424-6010
: tracy.levins@tyc.state.tx.us
Texas National Guard
Drug Demand Reduction

Valerie Benner
P.O.Box 5218
Austin, Texas 78763-5218
Phone: 512-465-5238
Fax: 512-465-5695
Email: Bennerva@txcd.ngb.army.mil
Drug Enforcement Administration
Drug Demand Reduction

Dawn Nunley-Mathis
1433 W. Loop South
Houston, TX. 77024
Phone: 713-693-3152
Fax: 713-693-3153

Governor's Office
Office of the Governor
Criminal Justice Division

Safe and Drug Free Schools
Glenn Brooks, Coordinator
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, TX. 78711
Phone: 512-463-1944
Fax: 512-475-2440

Juvenile Justice Programs
Louri O'Leary, Coordinator
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711
Phone: 512-463-6472
Fax: 512-475-2042
Texas Education Agency
Safe and Drug Free Schools Coordinator

Karyn Gukeisen
Texas Education Agency-SDFSC
1701 N. Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 787-1-1494
Phone: 512-463-9374
Fax: 512-305-9447
Email: Kgukeise@tea.state.tx.us
Texas Juvenile Probation Commission
Vonzo Tolbert
P.O. Box 13547
Austin, Texas 78711
Phone: 512 424-6702
Fax: 512-424-6717
Email: Vonzo.Tolbert@tjpc.state.tx.us
Department of Education
1701 N. Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701-1494
512-463-9374 (phone) 512-305-9447 (fax)

Criminal Justice Division
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, TX 78711
512-463-1921 (phone) 512-475-2440 (fax)

TRAIL: Texas Records and Information Locator
State of Texas - Official Web Site
State Health and Human Services
Department of Human Services

Health Department


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